Boston Pickup Location Added for Red Bull Bus

The Banshee

The Banshee in Dorchester, MA

Getting to Red Bull Arena on 4/28 just got a lot easier if you’re in Boston. We will now be leaving from The Banshee before heading down to Gillette and CT. So that means you can take the T to the Banshee (Red Line, JFK-UMass stop) and end up in Jersey with the rest of us. There is also free street parking all around the Banshee. We can’t guarantee that we will be back before the T stops running, so plan accordingly.


Tailgate Extended to 3 Hours for Supporters Group Members!

and we're drinking in the parking lot...

Great news Riders! The Revs have just informed us that they will be allowing extended tailgating for all season ticket holders and supporters group members.

This means no more rushing through your tailgate meals and having to leave that final beer behind in the cooler. We now have three hours to tailgate. Let’s use this time wisely to get amped up for the match and get the atmosphere in the stadium going a little earlier as well.

Saturday Timeline

#Revs – Spread the Word:

3PM – All SG assemble in Lot4C for epic march in up the ramps.

3:15PM – Fill the Fort, front to back, shoulder to shoulder

3:30PM – Prepare TIFO, flags, banners.

3:45PM – Get nuts, warm up your voices

4:00PM – National Anthem and Give the Red Card to Racism Salute!

After 4PM- Sing until you lose your voice. Wave a flag until your arms give out.