4/28 Red Bull Trip Agenda

On the road again

Bus Agenda:

7:00amBanshee Pickup

7:30am Gillette Stadium Pickup

9:00am Wallingford, CT Park and Ride Pickup

12:15-12:30pm Drop off at O’Donnell’s Pub

2:00pm-2:15pm March to Red Bull Arena


Reminders for the bus:

  • Get to your stop 15 minutes early!
  • If you wish to change pickup spots you NEED to let us know. (email web@midnightriders.com)
  • Alcohol is allowed, but cooler space is limited. Ideally there will be a few empty coolers on each bus. Please coordinate with us if you plan on bringing one. Smaller, individual coolers are also welcome.
  • The Bus will be dropping us off at the stadium and we will be walking as a group over to O’Donnell’s

Ticket Pickup

  • All tickets will be at O’Donnell’s.
  • Be there by 2pm AT THE LATEST

About O’Donnell’s

  • O’Donnell’s is CASH ONLY.
  • O’Donnell’s does not have food, but does allow in outside food (there are various places very close by).
  • O’Donnell’s has been very good to us for three years now. Please return the favor.
  • www.odonnellspub.com for more info


  • The bus will be dropping us all off directly at the bar.
  • We need to all enter at Gate C at 2:30pm. So if you are not coming on the bus with us you need to be at O’Donnell’s by 2pm at the latest to get your tickets/enter with us.
  • Banners, drums, and flags under 6 feet are allowed.
  • Streamers, smoke and flares are NOT allowed. Do not bring them.
  • We will wait 15-20 minutes in the stadium after the match to let the crowd thin out, then we will be escorted back to the bus and will make our return trip.
  • Reminder: Banshee will be open at 6am for breakfast for those meeting there.
  • If you are not at your pickup location at the times listed we will be leaving without you. GET THERE EARLY!
  • As always, please let us know if there are any questions.

Please email us with any questions or comments.
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