Banshee Supporter’s Party

We’d like to pass along the invite from our friends over at The Banshee:

First of all I want to thank all of you for supporting the pub and your team here over the last year, their have been some really excellent days for football and its all up to you, THANK YOU, anyway, I really cant believe it, but it’s that time of year again, The Banshee Christmas party will be held on Thursday December 13th from 7pm to close, Heineken will be our sponsor this year and we will provide plenty of passed appetizers for the night, this year we will have a band playing from 10pm to close, Night Time Radio, they are a cover band, they won’t blow the head off of you and they are excellent. I’m not looking for a guest list but if each of you could give me some kind of an idea of how many you are expecting that would be great, for those of that can’t make it we wish you a great Christmas. I’m sure I’ll see most of you over the next two weeks with all the games coming up so thanks again folks.


So, if you plan on coming please let us know in the comments below so we can get them a number.


Also, please note that we will be also be having our own end of season/holiday party in January. Keep an eye out for that invite as well!

2nd Annual Midnight Riders FIFA Tournament

FIFA: Where video game and soccer nerds unite.

You’re ready. Your thumbs are strong enough to mold steel. You can operate that controller with lightning-fast accuracy. You haven’t thrown a controller across the room in frustration in at least 72 hours. You’re at peak performance and ready to vault yourself into legend. It’s time to take your expert skills to the big show and square off against the best of the best at the annual Midnight Riders FIFA Tournament.

The Midnight Riders are proud to partner with ThinkTaylor, Taylor Twellman’s charity for education, support and fundraising to promote positive outcomes from sports-related brain concussion, for this awesome event. We’ll be setting registered players up into brackets, we’re taking over the Greatest Bar in downtown Boston and will face off in FIFA 13 matches in single-elimination until a champion is crowned (jubilant carrying through the streets of Boston optional). Register today as either a Player or a Spectator to reserve your spot (it’s cheaper to register in advance, plus you’ll be certain you have a spot) and make sure to pick up an event t-shirt. We’ll have prizes for the winners, a raffle for more awesome stuff, and all the proceeds will go to benefit ThinkTaylor. Sign up today!

If you can’t make the tournament but still want to help us raise money for ThinkTaylor, please use the button below to donate.


Date: December 7, 2013, 7-10pm
Venue: The Greatest Bar, 262 Friend St, Boston, MA (18+)
Game: FIFA 2013
Platform: PS3

Registration (Player or Spectator) and shirt pre-order:

Registration and spectator pre-pay is now closed, but you can still come and watch. $10 donation at the door for ThinkTaylor.

Also, if anyone is willing to loan us your PS3 for use in this tournament, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a special contributor prize. Email today if you’re interested in helping us out in any way, and as always invite your friends!

UPDATE! Round 1 Bracket.

Shawn Doherty vs
Kyle Silva

Sean Clarke vs
Christian Medeiros

Eric Spence vs
Kyle McManus

Matthew Dubois vs
Carl Houde

Federico Vasquez vs
Chris Machado

Nick Webster vs
Michael Zampa

Lee Nguyen vs
Anthony Zampa Jr

Scott Harrington vs
Craig Pion

Giacomo Bisceglio III vs
Kyle Lindsay

Darren Amarelo  vs
Stefan Digregorio

Benjamin Saufley vs
Devin the Pleuler

Justin Copenhaver vs
Mauro Lopes

Gregory Gomes vs
Stephen Furtado

Brendan Schimmel vs
Domenic Bisceglio

Marc Critchett vs
Nick Medeiros

Eric Pierce vs
Erik Fischer

Put Your Moustache Where Your Mouth Is

Midnight Riders Movember

Do you have what it takes? Did you spend your morning felling redwoods with shockwaves from your rippling biceps? Need to stay in form during your bareknuckle boxing fantasy league off-season? Fed up with the viscosity of your soup and need a better filtering system? Is the excess testosterone escaping abundantly via your upper lip trumped only by the depths of your hatred for all things cancerous?

The Midnight Riders understand you. We love manliness and brawn, too, and hate cancer even more. With our moustachioed powers combined into a fiendish horde of defiant righteousness, we shall deliver the man cancer research system a financial performance enhancing injection that will send these tumorous miscreants up to their bedrooms to cry shameful tears in their japanese cat backpacks.

Join our glorious president and leader supreme Fran Harrington as he leads the Midnight Riders to a glorious victory on the field of hirsute splendor with Movember.

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. The funds raised in the US support prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men. The funds raised are directed to programs run directly by Movember and our men’s health partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation and LIVESTRONG, the The Lance Armstrong Foundation. Together, the three channels work together to ensure that Movember funds are supporting a broad range of innovative, world-class programs in line with our strategic goals in the areas of awareness and education, survivorship and research.

Join the Midnight Riders Movember team today!