Statement regarding the incident in the Fort on August 23

Last night, two members of the Fort were asked to leave for participating in a chant that the rest of the fort was doing, and has been doing for years. We are unsure why these two individuals were singled out. We are also more concerned that the security protocol established after “FortGate” was totally disregarded (i.e., security asks supporters group leaders to intervene before making ejections). We are in contact with the team, as always, and will be working to better understand why events transpired as they did last night. We will most certainly be working on a way to prevent further lapses in protocol like this. We are very upset that once again missteps by security have tainted another Revolution home game.

The Midnight Riders

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Bus from Boston to Gillette Stadium for 9-3 Match vs SKC

Bus to SKC match

The Revs go crushing in

We asked and you answered.

We will be running a bus from The Phoenix Landing for the 9/3 match vs Sporting Kansas City

Purchase your spot here

(use password 217446adca9)

We are using a new service for this trip. Here’s a little breakdown on how it works:

Step 1: Enter the unique password you received from the trip creator.

Step 2: Reserve your seat.
As more and more riders join, the price of your ticket decreases. You will reserve your seat at a “current” (maximum) price, but you will not be charged until 48 hours prior to departure. This ensures that all of the potential riders have had a chance to join, and you pay the lowest possible price. The trip will not happen unless the “Go Live” amount of seats are sold (40 in this case).

Step 3: Skedaddle!

Please note that we will be selling tickets for this match separate from the bus spots.

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Poll – What game do you want us to run a bus from Boston to Gillette?

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