Bus from Boston to Gillette Stadium for 9-3 Match vs SKC

Bus to SKC match

The Revs go crushing in

We asked and you answered.

We will be running a bus from The Phoenix Landing for the 9/3 match vs Sporting Kansas City

Purchase your spot here

(use password 217446adca9)

We are using a new service for this trip. Here’s a little breakdown on how it works:

Step 1: Enter the unique password you received from the trip creator.

Step 2: Reserve your seat.
As more and more riders join, the price of your ticket decreases. You will reserve your seat at a “current” (maximum) price, but you will not be charged until 48 hours prior to departure. This ensures that all of the potential riders have had a chance to join, and you pay the lowest possible price. The trip will not happen unless the “Go Live” amount of seats are sold (40 in this case).

Step 3: Skedaddle!

Please note that we will be selling tickets for this match separate from the bus spots.

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Poll – What game do you want us to run a bus from Boston to Gillette?

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Red Bull Bus/Ticket Deadline, TFC tickets and More

2014 Midnight Riders Scarf (Final)Revs at RBNY ticket/bus deadline is this Wed at 4pm.

Also in the shop now Revs at TFC 8/30/14  and the 2014 & Matt Reis Legend scarves are back in stock!

Check them all out here.

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