New Member FAQ

Welcome to the Midnight Riders! We hope this page can help better familiarize you with our group. If you ever have any questions, issues, or things that you think should be added to this page, you can always email us at

What are the benefits of being a paid member?

Check out the Membership Benefit page for a list of benefits for being a paid member of the Midnight Riders.

How do I make friends/meet people once I join?

The easiest (and fastest way) to introduce yourself to the group is doing it via our members only facebook group. Once you join, you will┬áreceive an invite to join our private facebook group. Once you accept, post a short introduction letting people know you’re a new member, and a little bit about yourself. Another great way to meet people is to bring some food to share at the tailgate. The Riders love tailgating, and we love seeing what new members bring. So make a little bit extra and offer some of the people near you at the tailgate… they’ll probably do the same!

How do I find someone in a leadership position when I’m at a tailgate/game?

If you’re at a tailgate, the easiest way to find us is by going to the Midnight Riders tent in the supporters lot (4c – see the map of the area here). Leadership tends to staff the table during the tailgate. During the game you can always find someone at our table above section 143 before kickoff and at halftime, though there is usually someone there the whole match. You can also take a look at this page to put a face to the names. If you see any of us, feel free to say hi or ask us any questions you may have!

What is expected of me as a member of the Midnight Riders?

First and foremost, we expect all members to adhere to our Code of Conduct. Secondly we expect everyone to support the Revs! We recognize that everyone does that in different ways. Not all of us are in the Fort each match, some aren’t even in country! We also want everyone to be ambassadors for the group. This is your group! Help us make it the biggest and best that we can. We always want to know things we can do doing better, or things that seem to be working. So let us know!

I heard there was a message board for members, but I can’t find it.

There did indeed used to be a message board for members. That has since gone away and been replaced by a facebook group. You should have gotten an invite when you signed up. If you did not please email us at

How do you all know the words to these songs? Where can I find them?

Trust us. After a few games in the fort, they will be burnt into your brain, but in the meantime check out the list here.

How do I stay up to date with everything going on?

You will receive weekly emails from us during the season (and most likely in the off-season too) letting you know about everything coming up and what we’ve been working on at Riders HQ. You can (and should) also follow us Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Glossary of Potentially Unfamiliar Terms and Acronyms:

ACB: Angel City Brigade, a supporters group for the Galaxy

AO: American Outlaws, a US National Team Supporters Group.

DP: Designated Player. A player paid higher than most other players on the roster. (Jermaine Jones and Jerry Bengston are two examples for the Revs.)

ECS: Emerald City Supporters, a supporters group for the Sounders.

ESC: Empire State Supporters, a supporters group for the Red Bulls

ISA: Independent Supporters Association. (See also: SG)

ISC: Independent Supporters Council. A group made up of leaders from Supporters Groups across the US and Canada (including the Riders).

SG: Supporters Group (like the Riders!). An organized group of supporters of a soccer team.

SSS: Soccer Specific Stadium. Something the Revs will hopefully play in one day.

STH: Season Ticket Holder

Tifo (often incorrectly written as TIFO): Visual displays of support (Think banners, flags, streamers, etc.) The word tifo originates from the Italian tifosi, meaning fans.