The Midnight Riders Leadership is an elected body of officers and committees, elected each year by our membership at the Annual General Meeting. Feel free to reach out to any of us on twitter, or email us at web@midnightriders.com.

Executive Board

President Matt Zytka @321mattmattmatt Matt Zytka
Treasurer Demetri Vidalis  @DGreekD  Demetri Vidalis
Recording Secretary Kate Lena @klena225
Membership Secretary Tyler De Ruiter @minidanjer
Social Media Coordinator Nathan Gower @NAGower Nathan Gower
Philanthropy Coordinator Adam Sell @ajvsell Adam Sell
Merchandise Coordinator Dennis Noble @DennisNoble Dennis Noble

Board Members-At-Large

Carly Anderson Carly Anderson  Tim Atchison Tim Atchison
Joe Butler Joe Butler Avonell Leigh Cook

Aoife Creighton

George Deveney

Sean Fahey

Photo Unavailable Tom Gallagher
Andrew T Gilfillan President - Fran Harrington Fran Harrington
Carl Houde Carl Houde Elana Houde Elana Houde
 Brittany Klooster Julie Kumor Julie Kumor
Maire Magliozzi Photo Unavailable Chris Pierce
Megan Powers Ben Saufley

Ben Saufley

Photo Unavailable Julee Sheehan Jonathan Strauss
Maggie Thompson Maggie Thompson Krista Vicich
Kim Wilkinson

Midnight Riders, Inc. Board of Directors

Chairman Jonathan Strauss
Treasurer Carl Houde Carl Houde
Clerk/Ex-Officio liaison to the Midnight Riders ISA Executive Board Adam Sell Adam Sell
Director Julee Sheehan Photo Unavailable
Director Brittany Klooster